• Javascript & svg, Splash Landing Page creation

    I create animations with illustrator using the shipped SVG code. I then use Javascript to animate.
  • Alinta Sales Tool

    Alinta Prospecting redesign
  • Shouta, Case Study

    Pain Point Case Study
  • compare & connect, Redesign

    Comparator Sales Funnel Redesign
  • Kiosk, Sales Tool

    Kiosk Sales Agent Sales Funnel
  • Xperior, Safe.fm (SaaS)

    Facility manager (SaaS) companion maintance app
  • Alinta, Digital Transformation

    Alinta, Transformation
  • Fast Connect New Zealand, SEO upgrade

    Fast Connect NZ SEO overhaul
  • Untitled Group, AA Audit, Journey mapping

    UX Research & consulting